Photography Training Course

Welcome to our 4 week Photography Training Course Evenings. These great courses run for 4 weeks and are perfect for complete beginners & amateurs (young and old) who have wonderful digital cameras & want to learn how to use them properly. This is a very popular course, it is relaxed, friendly & sociable therefore a perfect environment to learn. You’ll be learning alongside people with equal ability levels & a shared passion so no feeling awkward or silly & evidently a great friendship group to support each other. 

Photography course content

Photography Training Course Newbury Week One

navigating your camera

  • Review of past weeks practice including Q & A
  • Learn your way around your camera
  • Understand what all of the menu options and buttons are for
  • Set up & customise your camera & all of its settings for you properly (away from standard silly defaults), this puts you in charge of your camera.
  • Image quality setting Raw or Jpeg???
  • Overview of the range of shooting modes
  • Automatic exposure modes & why you don’t need them any more

controlling exposures

  • Review of past weeks practice including Q & A
  • Learn about ISO, Shutter Speeds & Apertures and how they control your Exposure
  • ISO and how it works Shutter Speed, how it works & how to control it
  • How Apertures work, and how you control them
  • The relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • How to get the correct exposure
  • Camera shake and how to avoid it
  • Exposure Compensation
Photography Training Course Newbury Week Two
Photography Training Course Newbury Week Three

Photography Artistry

  • Review of past weeks practice including Q & A
  • Using Apertures and Shutter Speeds to control how your image looks
  • How to use Shutter Speeds, both slow and fast
  • The effects you can achieve using Shutter Speed control
  • What is depth of field
  • How to control depth of field
  • The effects you can achieve by controlling your Depth of Field
  • Focus, auto focus, manual focus
  • How to get the autofocus to focus on what I want

Colour & Light

  • Review of past weeks practice including Q & A
  • Learn about different natural and Artificial light – and how each of them affect your camera and the resulting photograph
  • WhiteBalancing to compensate for the effect of the light Metering, how does your camera measure & know what light there is
  • Tonal Range, how your camera copes in comparison to your eyes
  • HDR, High Dynamic Range photography and how to do it
  • Silhouettes & other great effects, with ease & on purpose
  • Seeing & using light & to create effects, such as strong shadows in a portrait
  • wrap up & Consolidation including final Q & A
Photography Training Course Newbury Week Four

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Why our 4 week course works

Learn From the ground

Be taught how to take complete control of your camera, from basic camera settings right through to producing stunning creative photographs. All aspects of photography are covered, gradually getting more in depth, as a result we build both your photography knowledge but also your confidence with your camera


Weekly tasks are set to help support what you learn that week, then, each following week, we discuss how you got on so we can go over any areas needed again therefore guaranteeing no knowledge gaps. Full detailed training material is provided each week which is great to refer back to during the practice work you are set

Small Classes

On our photography training course evenings, the classes are kept small, a maximum of 8 people on each course. Consequently, this makes the classes personal & fun. Furthermore, it ensures plenty of time for everyone to be involved, ask questions & be up to to speed before we move on 


We’re active & very busy professional photographers ourselves (as well as experienced photography trainers). This means you’ll learn from the best who do this every day & love it – you’ll feed off of our experience, enthusiasm & passion


Everyone will be at equal abilities, subsequently you’ll be learning alongside likeminded people, not “wanna be” pros who think they know it all. Straightaway, you’ll feel safe to ask questions – it’s encouraged. Lastly, the course is designed to be fun & enjoyable, as a result the learning is easier


 We want you to succeed & we want to see your confidence & competence grow. In order to make sure this happens, you’ll have access to help & Support from a professional photographer throughout the 4 weeks of the training course, by phone & email resulting in you never feeling lost

what our past "students" say...

Thank you so much, you won't believe what confidence you have given me with my camera - I'm no longer scared of it!!
What an amazing course, I can't believe how much we covered and how much I can remember (and use with ease). Clear, simple but thorough tuition and a lot of fun
Adam thank you for a great series of photography lessons, your delivery is so easy to keep up with and the "homework" really helps consolidate that learning - I'll be back...
Kirsty Ayres

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Our Photography Work

We know you are looking for photography training, but its nice for you to know you are being trained by very active & current photographers who are leaders in the industry, besides great trainers. Consequently, you will have more confidence & belief than just listening to a lecturer. Therefore, feel free to look at some of our work, you’ll get a real feel for our skill, professionalism as well as our passion for what we do.

Commercial Photography

We provide commercial photography & videography to clients all around the world. Find out more about our commercial photography visit AHP Photography. 

Family Portraits

We have run our family & pet portrait studio, recently rebranded to The Portrait Company, in Newbury Berkshire for over 15 years. Find out more visit The Portrait Company

Wedding Photography

Our lead trainer, Adam Hillier, is one of the most experienced & regarded wedding photographers around. With multiple awards & over 600 weddings, visit Adam Hillier Weddings